Productivity Principles You Can Try

Our energy is finite, unfortunately. There are limited things we can do in a day. But we can maximize our time to do the things we need to do within the day. These principles are simple and easy to follow, no complicated head-scratching theories.


Do the Difficult Tasks First

It’s a simple analogy. When the task is difficult, we tend to put it off until we have no energy left to do it. Before you start on the menial tasks, go with the difficult tasks instead. Our brain will insist to postpone the difficult task because our brain is designed to protect us. It will prevent us from doing things that might lead to stress and anxiety. It will tell us to postpone the woolworths egift card promo code and other tasks that are heavy. There is also a psychological benefit to this. After the difficult task is done, our brain releases dopamine, a feeling of satisfaction. Dopamine is a happy feeling. Our brain fancies it, so it will motivate us to complete our other tasks. After all the things are done, you can shop online using discounts, or do something relaxing to rest your mind.

Multitasking is Not Effective

Multitasking is a positive trait for some people. But in reality, multitasking is not effective. When we are out of focus, we perform poorly. It’s like walking in Amsterdam city pass, but your mind is somewhere else. We can still get things done, but the quality of our work would be poor. We are always tempted to do multitasking, it happens when our mind is preoccupied with so many things like asian dating experience, deadlines, and to-do list. Keep your mind in one task only. Train your mind to focus by doing some meditation and other mental exercises. It will keep you sharp and focused. Try to do your task one at a time. Finish your task according to its priority. Don’t jump to another task, unless, you have a good reason to do so.



You are an adult. By now, you understand what accountability means. You have responsibilities to do. Being held accountable comes with some motivation. Always remember that our biggest competitor is ourselves. Can’t resist getting discount shopping coupons uk while doing important work? Accountability also comes with self-discipline and work ethics. So, show them what you’ve got. Stay focused and get the job done. Monitor your progress. If you think that you are not being productive, find out the areas where you lack, and work on them. Be accountable for your work.

Toss the To-do List and Start Sticking Daily Goals

To-do list keeps you on track. But it’s not a practical thing to do in the long run. According to businessmen, to-do list became a hindrance for them to see the day for what it is. When you have a dream, it will remain a dream if you fail to plan for it. Success comes from the small steps we take daily with groupon promo code travel. What you choose to do today, determines the outcome of your future. So plan your day, and set realistic goals to bring you closer to your biggest dreams. They are so preoccupied crossing off their to-do list to the point that it became a boring routine. What they recommend is sticking daily goals instead.