Build a Successful Remote Team

Tons of companies around the world were able to launch their A-team. There is no secret recipe, the answers are freely given. It’s up to you on how you execute.


Find the Right Remote Workers to Be Part of Your A-Team

You may hire an external human resource team to conduct the hiring process for you or if you rather do it internally, make sure that your hiring manager knows the vision of the company and the types of remote workers you are looking for. The first priority is finding qualified applicants. The second stage involves testing to validate their knowledge. All applicants who will pass the first and second stage of the hiring process would go through a face-to-face interview where you will assess their behavior and attitude. Sometimes, attitude is more important than skills.

Strong Communication Network

workOnce you have established your team. It’s important that you maintain strong communication with them. Make sure that everyone knows what to do in Amsterdam and what their roles are. The best way to do this is to hire managers who have leadership skills. They should not only make sure that the job is getting done properly but also take care of their employees’ feelings and motivate them to do better. We are all humans after all. We need to feel a sense of belonging.


Motivate and Boost Your Team’s Loyalty

Building an A-team is not just about gathering the best people. As their leader, you ought to motivate them. It could be free-training to level up their skills or it could be monetary rewards allowing them to afford dinner cruise Amsterdam. Don’t be stingy in complementing them for a job well done.

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A Reliable Resource Management System

Having a reliable resource management system helps your managers and human resources staff in monitoring the whole team. You can also rest assured that each team member is doing his/her job within the shift. It also gives a sense of responsibility to your employees and compels them to be productive during their shift.